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How to send the site news to a mailing list?

From SPIP 1.7

It is possible to specify the newsletter sender’s address. You just have to change it to an address registered on the list.

With SPIP versions prior to 1.7, the sending mechanism works very well when you use a personal email address, but seems not to work when it is replaced by the address of a Yahoo group (or similar).

There are several remedies to this:

-  The list settings can be changed to allow third parties to post post on the Yahoo group. The drawback is that anybody can send a message. Or, you can allow anybody to post, but using a moderation. Thus, after the newsletter is sent, you have to approve it before it is received by the recipients.

-  If your web host provides it, you can set up a redirection email account (virtual, no need for a POP account), such as “”. This address will be signed up to the list, and will be used as the destination in Spip. It will receive the newsletter and pass it on immediately to the Yahoo group (or similar).

-  A combination of the previous solutions.

From an answer by Nicolas RIQUOIS on the Spip list.

updated on 1 July 2004


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