Security & maintenance updates : new versions SPIP 3.2.2, 3.1.9 and 3.0.28

To start this new year 2019, we release maintenance versions of SPIP which also fix some security flaws.

The Safety Screen does NOT cover those flaws, so it is strongly recommended that you upgrade your websites.

Those new versions bring fixes to the bugs that were identified those last months :

  • 6 issues for version 3.1
  • 34 issues for version 3.2

Among others :

  • patched several XSS flaws and, a critical one letting writing authors accessing local documents. We warmly thank Guillaume Fahrner for his reports.
  • now supporting TLSv1.2 connections.
  • improved PHP 7.2 compatibility
  • optimized javascript compressor, which now respects already minified external librairies & bug fix on CSSTidy
  • repaired ’restore a version’ function
  • updated SafeHTML librairie to support HTML5
  • updated getID librairie to version 1.9.16
  • added a _COUPER_SUITE constant to define proper caesura characters
  • re-designed log-in screens
  • images filters: JPGs are now progressive by default
  • new translations for Dutch & Japanese languages
  • ...

Download SPIP

Full announcement & details

updated on 2 October 2019


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